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Sass Ysite Lunch Chats

FREE bi-monthly training sessions

In 2022 we are launching free bi-monthly training sessions, over lunch, for our Ysite clients! These sessions will generally be no longer than 45 minutes and we will be providing lunch 😊.

We truly believe the more you learn and up-skill, the more you will be successful in life and business.

The first session will be kicking off in February 2022:

February - How to manage disciplinary in a workplace

March - Xero latest changes

May - Payroll legislation that most people get wrong

July - Where has my cash gone

September - How to minimise tax

November - Xero latest changes

Please note, subjects could change depending on what is happening at the time.

More details to come (including how to book) in January 2022. We can't wait and look forward to providing you with more information.

These sessions will be available to all Ysite subscriptions, which includes, Ysite Accounting, Ysite Bookkeeping and Ysite Payroll. However, They will be limited to the number of people we can comfortably fit in the boardroom.

What is a Ysite Subscription?

What is the Ysite? It is Your Site that is available to you 24/7!

The idea is that the Ysite is your go to place to find out anything you need, even when our offices aren't open.

​We have developed our own cloud platform for our subscribed and fixed fee clients. Think of the Ysite as the person that holds your hand throughout the year and supports/trains you in the areas that you are subscribed to. Got a question, then search the FAQ, submit us a question or even give us a phone call if it is urgent.

For more information or to check out the demo, click here

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