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supporting you in building a winning workplace

full HR services

Your people are your biggest assets, yet can also be your biggest challenge. 


We like to partner with our clients to ensure they have a great company culture, great leaders, great processes and manage situations the right way.

We are passionate about human resource management and getting it right from the beginning.  We see first hand how if you have the right things in place from the start, with the right communication, the right processes, then you will have happy staff, less HR issues and less of your time to actively manage your staff!

Sass HR Blenheim - Cost Effective


no retainers, just pay for the time used and best of all, upskill along the way

Sass HR Blenheim - Tailored Support


we ensure we understand your business and your needs and can manage HR for you, or support you along the way

Sass HR Blenheim - Passionate


we are passionate about getting HR management right and creating winning workplaces

Sass HR Blenheim - Practical Advice



we provide practical sound knowledge that is easy to understand and implement

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not worked with us before?

No problems!  We offer a one hour free consult - book now!

what our clients say

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"As part owner and office manager of The Naked Painting Company Ltd, I have attended the Sass HR workshop.  I found it to be very formative and Lisa to be very knowledgeable in all areas of HR.  I would highly recommend these workshops for everyone who is employing staff as a great place to start building your knowledge in this complex area.  Lisa is always available providing exceptional HR support as a follow up to the workshop."

Karen de-Belcourt - Naked Painting Company

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Note:  We work from home on Mondays and Wednesdays, however, you can still contact us via main phone numbers




2 Main Street

Rangitane House, Level 4

Blenheim, Marlborough


PHONE: 577 7128



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